AV Systems Design

AV Systems are critical for many spaces, yet many times they are left until the end of the design.  Loudspeakers, screens, displays, controls, interfaces, and other technology elements need to be properly designed, selected, and integrated to work well for a given space.

Stage Lighting Design

Many venues both big and small have a need for more specialized lighting to highlight and showcase performances and presentations.  We design high quality, stage lighting systems that make you look great when you’re in front of a group of people.

Sound System Tuning

Large scale sound systems require testing and tuning when they are installed in order to sound and perform their best.  Whether it’s a new system installation or re-tuning an older system, we use our experience and expertise to make your system sound great.

Network Technology Cabling Design

Network cabling infrastructure is part of virtually every building.  We work closely with you and your team to get the network jacks in the right place the first time!

Room Acoustics Testing and RT prediction

Many rooms suffer from poor acoustics — finishes and materials that result in a space that is hard to use and understand what’s being said.  We can model and effectively predict how a room will sound before it’s constructed so you get a great sounding room when it’s done.  If you’ve just completed your room and discovered it’s not everything you hoped for, we can measure an existing room and make recommendations for how the acoustics can be improved to give a great space to use.


We work on every project like it’s going to be a space we will use for many years to come. We pride ourselves on excellent designs with a practical eye towards the budget and how people in the real world will use the system. We understand that you’re hiring us to design a system and that our job is to bring you great design options and allow you to make educated and informed decisions about how you want and need to use AV and Technology to communicate.


We would love to hear about your project and show you how Hamilton AV Design can create professionally designed, long lasting AV solutions with exceptional performance.

Better communication. Sound Technology Matters.

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