Modern Classroom Full of Chairs

“What’s the best AV system to put into a classroom?” is a question we get a lot, and we generally answer the same way we answer most of our tech-related questions: “It depends.”

While it would be simpler to quote a one-size-fits all solution that looks flashy and has a long list of selling points, the truth is that any classroom technology needs to be tailored to the specific situation and a particular set of objectives.

In other words, the best classroom AV system will depend on the environment, the student population, the curriculum, and the teaching style of the school, to name just a few factors.

But this leads us to a problem, mainly that many schools can’t clearly define how the technology should support the curriculum and therefore can’t even begin to evaluate what AV solutions would be a good fit. Do the teachers need a projector to present materials better? How about a SmartBoard? Will the classroom layout call for multiple displays? What other technology will be used in the classroom and how compatible will they be?

These considerations matter. Especially when budgets and schedules are involved.

Our team recently interfaced with a school district that was working through these processes and struggling to come up with the most ideal and affordable solution. Working closely with their stakeholders, we assisted the district in designing three distinct “room” systems that used different audio visual suites with different orientations and purposes. These systems were installed in the existing school building and faculty were invited to hold their regular classes in the rooms to try the different options out.

This exercise resulted in the staff and administrators developing a much better understanding of what classroom technology is available and what it can and cannot do in support of their teaching and curriculum.

Outfitting a school building with new classroom technology (to say nothing of an entire district) is an expensive and daunting project. This is why it’s so critical that all stakeholders figure out what systems and configurations will be must successful early on in the process—which takes asking the right questions, vetting and demonstrating the technology in action, and clearly defining how the systems will support the curriculum and meet the school’s objectives.

At Hamilton AV Design we work with you to move through this process step by step, developing the ideal AV solutions and building a strong foundation for student success and improved learning in your school.