Taking over the headquarters building of an historic fraternity isn’t the usual trajectory path for churches moving to a new building. But for Redeemer Church of Ann Arbor that was the opportunity that presented itself. Space near the campus of the University of Michigan is at a premium, so Redeemer chose to renovate the historic building to its needs, including adding basement space that had to be dug out by hand! The top floor of the building is one open room that seats roughly 80 people, while the main floor functions as a fellowship hall, welcome center, and meeting space. Hamilton AV Design provided the audio and video systems design to help Redeemer bring their vision to the space. Since space is a premium most of the system is operated via iPad, with backup controls available in a nearby rack. Digital audio from the stage and Video over IP have Redeemer firmly launched in the digital world with the ability to expand as they grow into their new space! AV Budget: $65,000 Completed: September 2018