Auditorium Audio Visual System

“We’ve already got a tech guy, they’ll take care of it.”

Often when we first engage a large client like a school, university, church, or business looking for a new technology configuration, they’re quick to point out that they’ve already brought on the services of an in-house “tech guy” (or tech girl, as the case may be) to manage their systems. Why, they wonder, should they hire a technical systems designer or install team when they already have someone who can take care of “all that tech stuff”?

1). Impartiality
Because your tech person is embedded in your culture he or she already has a clear idea of how your organization works and what concepts will be more or less acceptable. That might seem like a good thing, but it also means they won’t be able to provide a fresh, unbiased recommendation. They’ll also be more likely to hedge their opinions for fear of confrontation with the various stakeholders that have authority over them. It’s a situation that leads to missed opportunities and ill-fitting or piecemeal solutions.

2). Capacity
Your “guy” is probably already occupied with his normal responsibilities and only has time to troubleshoot problems as they come up. But designing a new system from the ground up is a tremendous responsibility and a time commitment that at best will deeply stress his capacity, leading to significant delays or mistakes. At its worst, this scenario is completely unworkable, full stop.

3). Experience and Training
Your tech person has a skillset that she’s developed over months or years of work as an operator, giving her the background and expertise to, say, create a good flow and mix audio, switch video, or setup for a great presentation using the equipment you already have configured and ready.

But this experience, invaluable as it is, does not prepare an individual to be successful as a designer.

System designers instead require highly-specific skillsets and experience, which include the lessons learned by good operators but with a much wider scope, experience, and certifications.

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