Auditorium Audio Visual System

Continued from part one, HERE.

Today, most companies and groups have at least one team member with a substantial background in managing technology. That gives them an invaluable resource for daily operation and troubleshooting of audio visual or presentation technology. But, as we discussed in part one, these “tech guys” (or girls!) aren’t a good option to stand in for professional system designers during substantial system upgrades, redesigns, or installations.

Instead, you need professionals who routinely deal with these specific projects and understand both the challenges that come with them and the best practices and advantages of a design done right!

Unique and Broad Experience
Like your in-house tech people, we are decent operators and mixers and we understand what it takes to run these different systems routinely for years at a time. But we’ve gone beyond that level of involvement with continued education, experience, and certifications that give us the background to plan, lay out, and design a wide variety of systems in a wide variety of settings.

As independent audio, visual, lighting, and technical designers we’ve acquired a much deeper level of experience with a wider variety of equipment and configurations, giving us the vantage point to offer unbiased, more complete solutions in a variety of settings. That means a system design that better meets your needs, minimizes problems, and streamlines operation for years to come.

Independent West Michigan AV Solutions
Because we don’t represent any particular brands, you know we aren’t trying to sell you on something. Instead, it’s our job is to create a high quality solutions that meet your particular needs, including components as diverse as microphones, speakers, digital signage, projectors, screens, wiring, power supply, conduit, pathways, racks, amplification, switching, processing, interconnections, and control systems with all necessary drawings and support.

So, why wouldn’t you hire a design professional, instead of having your tech person try to take care of it? If you’re looking for the highest quality technology design and support right here in Western Michigan, contact Hamilton AV today at 616-836-1776. We look forward to hearing from you soon!